What Is True Sport

True Sport in Western Australia

True Sport is a program that supports local sporting clubs and associations to promote the value of sport to our whole community.

True Sport’s eight values can be included in codes of conduct, policies, newsletters, awards, signage and social media posts to remind people how their club/association wants people to behave on and off the field.

After consulting with members of the sporting industry, we know that Western Australians believe that strong community values are an important part of having a positive sporting experience in our State.

By embedding some – or all – of the eight values of True Sport in your club, you will empower all members to stand up and do the right thing – and to let someone know when they aren’t doing the right thing.

True Sport helps sports work together to use a common language that everyone understands and can use to encourage their members to be good sports.

True Sport’s eight values should be part of everyday life both on and off the field. By embracing these values, teams, clubs, participants and officials can work together to create fun, fair and safe environments for one and all to participate in sporting activities.

True Sport Is..

True Sport provides tools and resources to help clubs and associations embed eight values in their sport and to share the positive, good news stories that happen in sport every day. Its goals are to:

  • Help clubs create safe, fair and fun environments
  • Develop and nurture a shared language across all sports in Western Australia
  • Support clubs to promote and explain the core values of sport
  • Share good new stories in sport
  • Collaborate with the industry.

To make the greatest difference and achieve the True Sport goals, we all need to recognise, promote and live by the Values of True Sport.

Why True Sport

Western Australian sport and recreation is made up of layers of organisations ranging from 5000 grassroots sport and recreation clubs; the unincorporated active recreation groups, the more than 100 state sporting associations and industry peak bodies; and commercial and local government service providers.

True Sport recognises the important role these groups play in helping shape the way members of our community live and act – sport is great practice for life on and off the field. The values that members, participants and spectators learn when they are part of a club are the values that they take with them into their everyday lives.

We also know that the stories of negative behaviour in sport overshadow the positive stories which illustrate how sport and active recreation helps us to step up, be confident, make friends and kick goals.

True Sport is about changing the state of play and working together to make sure the good news stories achieve greater recognition and are shared far and wide.

Be a part of True Sport

Good sport doesn’t happen by chance – so be a part of promoting the positive things that sport teaches us about
teamwork, respect for others and putting your best foot forward all the time – win, lose or draw.

The story behind our brand

Community sport is a vital part of Australian culture. Sport teaches us many valuable skills – not just physical skills but life lessons such as teamwork, trying your best, being healthy, playing fair and having fun.
These are positive and empowering values we should live by, on and off the field. They are the elements of True Sport and make up the story behind our brand.

Our ‘+’ symbol represents positivity. It recognises that True Sport is about sharing the good news, the positive sport stories that happen every day around Western Australia. From helping a teammate off the ground after a fall, to volunteering to cut oranges, to inviting all members of the community to come and play – these are the elements that True Sport represents.

The ‘+’ is incorporated into a box shape – rectangular or square – giving a nod towards the playing fields and courts most sports use. That ‘+’ sits both in and outside the box and reminds us that the positive elements of sport are important community values on and off the field.

The box also represents sport and community coming together in one space – a playing field, court or pool – to create a sense of belonging to a team, association or club that looks after its members and provides a safe place to play.

The blue and green colours recognise that sport happens outdoors and indoors. From the ocean, pools and in the air to turf and lawn, from marked courts and ovals to public open spaces, social or organised sport is all around us.

The connection between sport and society is best summed up by our tagline: Playing together shapes the way we live together. Our ‘+’ re-enforces that sporting ideals and attitudes spill over into everyday life and are key mechanisms to create stronger, healthier, happier, safer and more connected communities.

Without a brand, True Sport would struggle to be heard over the increasing noise made by commercial sporting brands. We want True Sport in Western Australia to be a shared language that we all own, that we are proud to use daily and that helps change community culture to one of connectedness and camaraderie.

True Sport challenges and reminds us to be the best community member we can be from childhood through to adulthood. It’s about doing our best, recognising others and sharing our stories.